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Tabby's back/Discussion Questions
by Tabby (tabbybunhead316)
at December 24th, 2006 (10:47 pm)

Hey,I'm tabby Martinaka Tabby Bunhead.

Sorry I had to leave after one post last time.I was attacked by Darth Real Life.

I thought I would make my comeback by asking some discussion Questions.

What is your favorite Leia look/outfit.

In the films: The ANH Bun head look.

EU:The Jedi Trainee Leia from Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back.

What is your favorite Weapon Leia uses?

Films: Tie between the little hold out blaster she uses on Endor and the chain she uses to strangle Jabba.

If Carrie Fisher had not played Leia what actress would you like to see play Leia?

Actress around at the time: Jodie Foster.

Any: Lele Sobieski.

No reason for either than I would like to see their take on Leia.

Merry Christmas!!
by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at December 23rd, 2006 (02:48 pm)
current mood: amused

Behold Leia_love has got a new look
Um Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year I Hope In The New Year More People
Will Start To Post And Join Because I No There Is A Lot More Leia Fan's Out There
ring34_ani Yes We Do Except Fanfiction Here And I Have Seen Your Icon Work
So Maybe You Could Post Some! Ill Try Posting Icons But They Are Preety Crap
Feel Free To Sugest Idea's 
So Have A Good New Year Hint Hint I No What Im Getting Doctor Who Boxset And Starwars Dvds For Me!!

ring34_ani [userpic]
Hello, new here...
by ring34_ani (ring34_ani)
at November 23rd, 2006 (01:51 am)
current mood: sleepy

Hello! Found this through one of my friend's user profile...someone had recommended it through another community. Sounded interesting so I joined.

I'm currently writing several stories, some of them about Star Wars characters. I've started a short Leia/Han story but I'm currently stalled on it. When I do get it finished I'll post it here...if it's okay to post fanfiction, I forgot to look and read all the directions.


by tabbymartin1138 (tabbymartin1138)
at November 16th, 2006 (02:31 am)

I am a leia lover who will post as much as possible.I have been looking 4 another leia group.

Right now I am showing my Leia love by

1) working on a green M&M as Leia costume

2) Costumizing Leia 12 inch dolls(well more dressing up).

I am a fan of Kenner's idea to make non movie outfits for the vintage Leia and Luke dolls.

Some of the outfits could pass for stuff leia might wear in the galaxy far,far away,other is real world and some just meant for humor(trailer park leia lol).

Well, please reply and post.I want this community to continue.

by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at November 12th, 2006 (12:25 pm)

Im  a gutted because i might have to close down :(  If no one posts soon i will close down

by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at October 30th, 2006 (05:43 pm)

Sorry About The Link I Will Post It Later On Ive Kina Started On A Fanfic

Title: Happy Ever After?
Rating: G
Characters: Leia,Han,Luke.droids,loads of peeps
Summary: Just Problems With Han

by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at October 30th, 2006 (04:44 pm)

I Found A Fanvid On Youtube

by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at October 30th, 2006 (04:37 pm)

I Found A Fanvid On Youtube

Here It Is. Its Called Leia Belle

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7D41lhJoOUs"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/7D41lhJoOUs" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

We Need You!
by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at October 30th, 2006 (11:16 am)

We Need You And Your Leia Stuff So Please Post And Please Dont Ignore This Community

Mods Places Are Going To

by Harmluvdrwho (harmluvdrwho)
at October 30th, 2006 (10:17 am)

Hello And Welcome To Leia-love A Place For Leia Fans To Post Leia Fanfic,Icons,Colourbars Whatever. AnyThing To Do With Princess Leia Or Carrie Fisher.

Here Some Info On Leia

Princess Leia Organa Solo of Alderaan (born Leia Amidala Skywalker on Polis Massa in 19 BBY) is a fictional character in the Star Wars galaxy.

Leia Amidala Skywalker is the daughter of Padmé Amidala of Naboo and fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Leia was raised on Alderaan by Senator, Prince Bail Organa and his wife, Queen Breha Organa. Growing up surrounded by politics, she went on to hold a seat in the Imperial Senate, where she secretly played a large role in the Rebel Alliance. Leia is also the only Skywalker twin to have any memory of their mother. Leia claimed to remember her "real" mother through "just images really... feelings." George Lucas stated that he wanted one of the Skywalker twins to recall their mother. He claimed since Luke knew Vader was their father, he most likely felt that Leia was entitled to the brief memory of her real mother from infancy.

She was first portrayed by actress Carrie Fisher in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, as well as The Star Wars Holiday Special. An infant version of the character was portrayed by Aiden Barton in Revenge of the Sith. Ann Sachs provided the voice of Leia in the 1980s radio dramas of the original trilogy.


Leia's family consisted of many influential individuals, primarily government officials and politicians. She is raised as the adopted daughter of Queen (and later Minister of Education) Breha Organa and her husband, Viceroy/Prince Consort Bail Organa of Alderaan. A politician-turned-rebel and spy, she has a forceful personality and keen intellect, having accomplished much in her youth. Leia was a member of the Imperial Senate until Emperor Palpatine dissolved it. She then became a leader of the Rebel Alliance and, many years later, Chief of State of the New Republic. While raised in privileged surroundings, this fiery diplomat received martial training in order to defend herself, learning hand to hand combat and how to use a blaster.

PositionPrincess of Alderaan (Adopted),
Imperial senator of Alderaan,
New Republic diplomat,
Chief of State of the New Republic,
Jedi Knight
HomeworldAlderaan (born on Polis Massa)
Height1.55 meters (5' 1")
AffiliationImperial Senate, Rebel Alliance, New Republic/Galactic Alliance, Jedi
PortrayerAiden Barton (Episode III)
Carrie Fisher (Episodes IV-VI)



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